Specialist insurance for nanny employers

Call: 020 3137 4570

Email: care@enableinsurance.co.uk

How to Apply

Apply Online

Click here to apply online! It’s quick, easy and secure.


  • enter your contact details,
  • answer a few questions,
  • Read our Terms of Business, Policy Document, Insurance Product Information Document and the information provided on the web page. Confirm you have read and understood all of the information we have provided.

Provided your answers to our questions are straightforward and need no investigation, your insurance will be active within one working day or on the date you stipulate.

Policy documents and your policy reference will be emailed to you.

Apply by Phone

Call us on 020 3137 4570. We can also answer any questions you may have.

It will take a few minutes to read the information to you to ensure you understand our Terms of Business and Policy. Then we will take your contact details and ask a few simple questions to make sure the insurance is suitable for you.

We can take payment over the phone and then activate your insurance immediately or on a date stipulated by you.

Policy documents and your policy reference will be emailed to you.


020 3137 4570




Public Liability Insurance
is included as a standard
part of our Employers Liability Insurance policy

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