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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Employers' Liability Insurance and do I need to have it?

Employer Liability Insurance (ELI) protects employers should their employees become injured or unwell as a result of their job. ELI is a legal requirement to cover employers in the event of claim by an employee. Enable Insurance provides employers liability cover up to £10 million.

What is Public Liability Insurance and do I need to have it?

Public Liability Insurance covers compensation; and claimants costs and expenses in the case of legal action brought by members of the public. This insurance covers liability due to bodily injury or property damage. It can be important to have this added protection and that is why the employers liability for nanny employers policy includes up to £5 million public liability cover.

How much is Enable Insurance Service's ELI policy?

Our standard 12 month policy costs £99 (including Insurance Premium Tax). 

What is the quickest way to apply?

Via our online application form. It's quick, easy and secure.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?

Unfortunately no. Enable Insurance is an annual policy and must be paid for in full upon application.

How do I pay?

Payment is made by credit or debit card and is taken securely via Sage Pay after you have completed the online application. A receipt will be provided by Sage Pay at the end of the process.

How long does it take to process an application?

Cover will begin as soon as payment is received and you are issued with your policy number.

Can my policy be backdated?

No. Your policy must commence from the date of purchase or a future date.

Can I apply for my policy in advance of when I want it to start?

Yes. You can apply for your policy in advance up to 30 days and set a date to coincide with your nanny starting.

Can I cancel my policy if I no longer need it?

Yes. If you cancel within 14 days of taking out a policy, you will receive a full refund (subject to no claims being made). If you cancel after 14 days of taking out a policy, you will receive a pro-rata refund for each complete month remaining on the policy.

I only need ELI for a short time. Can I take out a short policy?

Our standard ELI policy is for 12 months, we unfortunately cannot provide short term policies. If you only need ELI for a short time, you can cancel your 12 month policy and we will issue a refund according to our cancellation policy - please see our Terms of Business.

Am I covered for more than one employee?

The policy does not specify a limit as this would be dictated by employment law. As long as you are fulfilling your legal requirements there is no limit on the number of employees you can have. 

I may take or send my employee abroad. Am I still covered?

The policy provides cover if you take your nanny abroad with you on holiday for up to 30 days per trip during the period of cover.

I share my nanny with another family and she sometimes looks after all our children at the same time. Whose insurance will cover her?

The employer in control of the work environment will be liable in the event of an accident resulting in a claim. Both families should therefore have Employers' Liability Insurance in place.

What happens if an employee has an accident or illness during the period of my policy but no claim is brought against me until months or years later when I may no longer have the policy in force? Am I still covered?

If an event occurs during the period of cover resulting in an injury to your employee which was not immediately apparent then the policy holder can still look to make a claim.




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