The Enable Insurance Policy

Enable Insurance is a specialist Nanny Employers Liability insurance policy designed for families who employ a nanny or home child carer.

£99 per year – Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

Holding Employer’s Liability insurance is a legal requirement for all UK employers under the Employer’s Liability Act 1969.

What does Enable Insurance cover?

– Up to £10 million Employers Liability Insurance to cover any legal costs and compensation due that your employee may be entitled to if they have become injured or ill as a result of working for you.

– Up to £5 million Public Liability Insurance which covers you against compensation; and claimants’ costs and expenses where an event connected to support duties accidentally causes bodily injury to any person, or damage to property not belonging to you and your family.

– Cover abroad for up to 30 days per trip if your employee is accompanying you on holiday/overseas to support with nanny duties.

Policy limitations and exclusions apply. For more information, you can download all the policy documents here.

If your nanny has already begun working for you, don’t delay, applying for insurance takes just a few minutes.

When you receive your Certificate of Insurance we recommend you keep it safe and display it somewhere (either physically or electronically) where your nanny can see it.